How To Overcome Your Fear During Backpacking

Every time I finish my trip from somewhere,  friends of mine reaction is always the same : You did it! How did you travel with small amount of money? were you not afraid? and my answer is pretty much the same : NO! just carry it out!

the next reaction that always comes up

‘I wish I could be like you’.

This kind of saying is pretty much toss up to me. Isn’t it easy to start the first step? However most people’s answer sounds fair to me

‘I’m not that brave’

Well, doesn’t mean to brag, but I had the same reason when I was about to start my first trip some years ago and that was sufficient to stop myself in fear of many reasons (will talk over it later).

What kind of fear then?

As a human-being (especially those who never left their mom before) being lost during trip is such a huge deal. Meet strangers with difference culture and habit are dreadful enough. Yet, those two fear weren’t a matter for me (at first). Aside, not finding a hospitable place to stay in and being tricked by local people were really blended with a great excitement the time I got starting my first trip.

To overcome those things that are banging your confidence, you don’t need to be an expert with great numbers of backpacking’s experiences or knowing anything about hole in the wall restaurants and inn during traveling. Just do what I do (I’m not going to be your travel adviser, but trust me you can -ehm- count on me at this matter)

1. Well Preparation

The excitement of journey shouldn’t the good excuse not to prepare your trip. Take an example, If you’re going to overseas, make sure you know the details.


The weather. A 10 year old kid knows well not to bring along a thick furry jacket on your journey to Egypt

The cultures. Learn  what you can do and don’t. For sure you won’t give a bow in France

The geopolitical. How pity knowing some backpackers miss this part when they’re going overseas. An hospitable country is necessary to encourage our trip’s goal. If you like a challenge visiting an insecure country (either because a war nor nature) prepare it well how to get access to get into your traveling spot.

2. Build Your Confident

To be frank, things that worry you a lot can be got rid if you’re confidence enough. Build your confident right after choosing the place.

3. Being Friendly

Get on with local people is really important. The good news is, they will give you a service when you’re friendly with them. I do try getting on with people that I meet at the first time of almost  every my trip.

4. Willing To Leave home

When will you start your journey if you don’t have desire to leave your mom at home? I can’t judge some people at this problem. Friend of mine, she started her first trip when she was just 17. She had to begin with a cruel long discussion with her mom. Put it in a nutshell, family nurturing when you’re a kid really take a roll at this point.

-Are you planning for some marvelous trips recently?


Pria penggila jalan-jalan dan tidur di kursi bandara


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