5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Traveled

When I first head off to the new places that are much different from where I live now, there are number of new things change. The worst one, I haven’t prepared, wish I had though, to those changes. I get realized those things when I’m in the middle of traveling. As the result, I often make few mistakes everywhere I go, either culture matters or accommodation matters. Here I’m going to make a short list about those things. Hoping that, it will be useful to those who are going to start traveling. To be frank, it’s my reminder too since I, always, miss those things below.

To begin with let me list from the most important to the less. But the importance measurement here is my personal opinion. It’s not necessary for you to follow the order.

Oh boys! I always leave out this thing from my traveling list. Once, it happened to me when I traveled to North Kutai. I wasn’t aware of malaria that often happened there. I know I should have been aware this problem before I went traveling. So a lesson for you, learning deeply about places you are going to and stocking up your medicines NOT beers instead.
2.Plane’s Ticket
People may not be aware of the fact that a plane’s ticket may be changeable. Read and pay attention to the very bottom of your ticket. Flight’s services often write a note about anything they should inform, either price or additional facility. You don’t want to be ashamed by demanding something that has/hasn’t been literally stated on your ticket, do you? Having a motor-mouth for asking for further information is way better I guess.
3.Local Culture Appreciation
Come on this NOT your mother land! It might what people say if we make culture mistakes. Some travelers still often do kind of this problem. Don’t think a place that you are in is exactly the same as ours. Take a few simple examples, some societies can’t endure smoking, I’ll be frustrated visiting these kinds of place. You may not be allowed to touch members of the opposite sex, some middle-east countries apply this rule. Or never take a picture without permission.
4.Simple sentences to talk to
I bet during your traveling you need to talk to local people who do not master English. Even though, English has been used worldwide, especially by those who always deal with foreigners but you’d better to learn simple local language. Learning how to greet, how to get to somewhere, or how to use something will be OK.
5.Taxis and buses
It happened to me when I traveled to Singapore. I completely left the information about how I could get to my hotel from Changi International airport, and then I rode a wrong taxi. Making a phone call or –at least- stay in touch with your hotel that you have checked in will help you a lot. Some hotels in Indonesia and in the world would love to pick you up at the airport at the day you arrive.

Overall, every single place that you going to visit will offer unique challenges that you may not prepare for. However, the list will get you off to start, even though just a simple list. Finally, Package your stuff now!


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