You hate Jakarta? I don’t

Before you read the article, just sit back, sip your coffee and think of Jakarta

This is a list of things you may come up with about Jakarta

-Over polluted city

– Unbearable bumper-to-bumper traffic

-Less interesting hangout places

-Unorganized city plans

-Amateur Bajaj drivers

-Careless private drivers

-Limited pedestrians’ area



Well, you may have experienced those things, or may always happen to you since you are Jakartans. If I were not a Jakartan, I would have moved somewhere, Jimbaran, Ubud, seminyak sound 1 million better. Fair enough, 100000000,1 Jakartans likely answer the same. But hold on, ask this thing to expatriates who, right now, live or work in Jakarta, do you think Jakarta is much better than Bangkok or Vietnam or even your own country?. I bet you that they will prefer to live in Jakarta. I may be a bit different from others when viewing about Jakarta since there are still many interesting things to find and to discover in Jakarta. I know Jakarta pretty well, I born in Jakarta and latter I spend my half teenage life in Salatiga and Jogja.

Recently I moved to Jakarta and, thanks God, I have discovered many interesting and knock out locations. It is well-known since some decades ago that Jakarta will never sleep, compare to Bali then. At least, Jakarta doesn’t have Australian tourists in sleeveless Bintang t-shirt. Little bit talking about Bali at night, chilling out in night clubs near Legian or having midnight sale at nearby George Armani’s stores may be a good idea but, for me, it doesn’t suffice. Back to Jakarta at night, wandering at Sudirman street while looking at glowing skyscrapers such an incredible thing. Almost Saturday to Sunday night I find new corners in this city. Start from luxurious restaurants, middle class restaurants, night clubs, warungs, shops, malls, karaoke, bars, cafes which serve the best food or coffee in town and those kind of WAOW! for me. I always spend time dining out at night while meeting people doing interesting things.

When you happen to ask me the best spot to visit in Jakarta, I would suggest you to go to Monas. I don’t know why, this monumental building with people gather around having chit chat always remind me of New Yorkers gather at Central Park. Unfortunately, Monas has been too convenient for deer. And thing to regret is about our, ok let me say, left behind national treasure vehicle that is Bajaj. You don’t need to go to Bangkok to enjoy riding tuk-tuk ‘trust me, they will rip you off somehow) since we do have Bajaj. Comparison of both vehicles, Bajaj is much more annoying than tuk-tuk by the sound but Bajaj never carry a group of goat with passengers inside. My suggestion is that Bajaj needs to be widened and softened.

When people start to get bored of Jakarta, I will never do. How come? There is so much fun in Jakarta. Thing you need to do is open your eyes, go exploring the city and stop moaning about the pollution and traffic. THAT’S IT!


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